Building solid solutionsLotus Notes/Domino since 1996
Q-ICTOS provides Lotus Domino software development and consulting services to a variety of organisations ranging from small and medium businesses to large enterprises.

Q-ICTOS has a broad range of experience in
implementation and consultancy around Lotus software. Ranging from Lotus Notes/Domino/xPages, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Quickr. Q-ICTOS utilises a clearly defined project management methodology to ensure that we consistently deliver great results that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Q-ICTOS has been working with
Lotus Notes since 1996. Lotus Notes has long been a leader in the field of collaboration software and Q-ICTOS has long been a belgian leader in the implementation and support of collaborative solutions using Lotus Notes as the platform of choice.

Q-ICTOS has provided support to clients ranging from small businesses that use Lotus Notes for complete messaging and collaboration solutions thru to large enterprise clients conducting large scale Lotus Notes implementations and enterprise support. Q-ICTOS works with clients to provide software architecture, software engineering, implementation & administration support.

Lotus Sametime
is the real time component of the IBM communication and collaboration strategy. Sametime provides enterprise level instant messaging, web & video conferencing, voice over IP capabilities, and seemless integration with multivendor telecommunication systems.

Q-ICTOS works with our clients to integrate Sametime into their every day processes. This enables them to leverage the real time capabilities of sametime as a natural part of their day to day activities. You might integrate Sametime Awareness into your Client Management System so you can have instant messaging sessions and web conferences with your clients. Or you might want to have Click To Call integration with your Sametime Buddy List and your Telephone system.

Enabling people to collaborate quickly and easily inside and outside your organisation boundaries is a key to healthier business growth. IBM®
Lotus® Quickr™ is team collaboration software that helps you share content, collaborate and work faster online with your teams - inside or outside your firewall.

Q-ICTOS has been using Quickr since its original version (Quickplace) was released to help us collaborate with our clients and partners. The current version is Quickr is a powerful and easy to use Web 2.0 collaborative application.

Quickr is a Web 2.0-based team collaboration offering designed to transform the way documents and rich media are shared, enabling more effective team collaboration. Lotus Quickr comprises connectors that integrate with popular desktop applications, a rich set of content and team services such as wikis
and team blogs, and scalable content repositories to help businesses securely manage information.

Lotus Quickr can be described as three things (all included):
1. Content stores or repositories - where you store your personal and team content
2. Content and team services - that let you store, organize, access, and share content and team projects
3. Connectors - that provide the end user interface to Lotus Quickr content

Q-ICTOS also is a reseller for a leading Anti spam software called Spamsentinel. see "Third party software" for more information.

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Consulting on how to install your sites, develop your applications etc.